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Md Mostakim Hossain
Aug 03, 2022
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It's an on-demand world where consumers choose to opt out of advertising either by skipping pre-roll video ads after three seconds or by blocking ads altogether via ad blockers. Where television offered a captive audience and lent itself to jingles, mobile consumers refuse to be sold [to] and ask to be helped. But it is also because, by association, consumers' attention spans are more limited. I'm not sure our visual, thumb-scrolling, self-muting culture is designed to appreciate such brand communication, said Mark Mulhern, president of the East region of digital marketing agency iCrossing. But that hasn't stopped the likes of Old Spice from featuring [its] own whistle in recent years - something they continue to embrace because it works for them and their audiences. Advertising Continue reading below fax list Additionally, a catchy tune was a smart device when marketing channels were more limited, noted Mark Young, CEO of advertising agency Jekyll and Hyde Advertising. You could put out a significant amount of media on the few television or radio networks that existed and, within a reasonable amount of time, have a jingle that people could remember, he added. Today we have hundreds of TV networks, thousands of radio options, millions of podcasts and even more websites to visit. Now add that to social media and you have something akin to Digital ADD. Further, per Young, the average consumer receives 5,000 to 20,000 brand messages per day and it is simply impossible for marketers to flood all available channels to the point that a jingle becomes memorable. That's why you see old jingles resurrected because they're from a time when that was possible — the advertiser relies on warm, nostalgic memories, Young added. Nostalgia is indeed powerful For her part, Haley Steed, outreachSEO specialist at online marketing firm Direct Online Marketing, points to the recent popularity of Pokemon Go and even movie reboots like Ghostbusters. She also noted that nostalgia can appeal to very different demographics, from young consumers who revere advertising content from yesteryear to older ones who fondly recall their childhood memories. Nostalgia allows people to escape the routine and mediocrity of everyday life. It creates a fantasy, it takes people back to a time when they were young, or a time that's been romanticized, and lets them live there for a little while, she said. does: transports its audience, then encourages them to buy.
That's exactly what good marketing content media

Md Mostakim Hossain

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