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sukanto Kuri
Jul 16, 2022
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It has a longer hem and a more pronounced waist than the previous kaftan, and incorporates slits, which are mostly worn in many 1930s paintings or photos of the kaftan. 2445defd-5407-4195-bc96-658aaa929fea Photo Credit: "Leisure" by Chen Jin, 1935 3345dae7-aaba-415d-ac2b-68af22a8a981 Photo Credit: provided by Taiwan Fashion Magazine beauty that requires courage However, behind those beautiful long gowns, the mountains and the rain are coming, because with the start of the Second World War, Japan began to implement the "imperialization movement" in Taiwan. The "Emperorization Movement" was a series of assimilation policies that Japan implemented towards ethnic minorities and colonies during World War II, hoping to use the policy to make these ethnic groups identify themselves as Japanese. Of course, as a colony, Taiwan cannot escape Image Manipulation Service its fate. Therefore, the cheongsam with "Chinese color" (Chinese style) was quickly listed as "provocative clothing" by the police. For example, the government has asked women to give or drink to women (women who accompany wine), change to simple dresses or two-piece suits, or advocate the public to change Chinese-style buckles into Western-style buttons, sew slits into skirts, and so on Photo Credit: provided by Taiwan Fashion Magazine Cube diagram of the transformation of gowns and clothing "Improvement of women's clothing on the island", 1940 However, no matter how strict the government's regulations are, there are still many Japanese people who think that such a policy is very out of date. After all, long shirts are lighter than kimonos and are more suitable for Taiwan's subtropical climate. Rather than ban it, it is better to combine its advantages and transform it into an East Asian style. Cultural "Xingya clothing". a Photo Credit: provided by Taiwan Fashion Magazine Women's Standard Dress, 1942 It is also because of this debate that Taiwanese girls still have some room for rationalization when they wear cheongsam. "
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